Hand Picked Artisan California Wines Delivered To Your Door.

Nothing says authentic more than carefully picked wines from small vinyards. The California Wine Club taste every bottle before shipping it to your door for just $1. 

The California Wine Club Review

The California Wine Club Review is for people who have a passion for sampling artisan wines that are properly aged from family-owned vineyards. Since the 1990s the California wine club has been the industry leader in delivering some of the finest spirits to the doors of wine aficionados.

Big brand wine just does not taste the same.

You’ve seen these brands litter check out store aisles for decades. Their imagery, culture, and source of harvesting all come from big vineyards that do not always distinguish themselves from each other.

When you’re the type of person that not only wants to drink wine but rather experience it, wine clubs are the resource for having samples sent to your door. As we know, not all wine clubs are the same and we bring you this California Wine Club Review because they are different.

The wine lovers at the California Wine Club visit the wineries.

It’s not just about the wine, rather it is the people and culture that is enjoyed in every taste. That is why the California Wine Club review has a “love it guarantee” where they sample each stock of wine before making deliveries to their respectable club members.

Being a club member is much more than tasting wine delivered to you.

Each member is given direct access by appointment to the wineries and can meet the makers. Tours are orchestrated by the California Wine Club and it’s one of the great joys of being a club member.

As a club member, you can enjoy benefits like having them temporarily cease shipments while you are on vacation and store the wine in a temp-controlled cellar. Each member can get $1 refill shipments on most types of wine.

When you are looking for the experience behind the cork, The California Wine Club is the maker’s story.

"I have been a member for 15 years and I still anticipate each shipment every month wondering what new adventures you will take me on. Thank you so much for all you do."

Zelda Nichols


"I must say, we've tried numerous other wine clubs at varying price points and this one, by far, has been the best experience and value. Just some terrific wines from these smaller vineyards at very reasonable prices, such a treat! 



"California Wine has always been customer service oriented. They respond immediately and have been friendly and helpful to deal with."

Christa Hyatt

Family owned wineries.

Cellar storage service.

Love it guarantee.

$1 shipping to your door.

Vineyard tours available.

Large variety of wine.

What Experience Do You Want?

Artisan wines from small family owned wineries just taste better and give the palate a unique experience in every bottle. Go ahead and treat yourself with our California Wine Club reviews special offer.

Bruce and Pam Boring founded the California Wine Club in the 1990s with a passion to bring out the best wines that were at one time hidden from the general public.

Why hidden?

Because before The California Wine Club, big wine companies ruled the supermarket shelves and small wineries took a back seat not getting the same recognition. That all changed when Bruce and Pam acted on their passion for wine and founded the California Wine Club.

They create a way for small family-owned wineries that had a lot of unique value to offer to get the recognition they deserved, and for wine aficionados to discover wines they’ve never tried.

Imagine that, all the rich senses of wine tasting are delivered to your door.

Today leading The California Wine Club is Gerri-Lynn Becker. She has been with the club for over 10 years a continues that same passion instilled in the club by the founder Bruce and Pam Boring. The club is owned, managed, and enjoyed by families for families.

Unlike most clubs on the internet, the California Wine Club invited its club members out for tours of some of the best family-owned wineries in California.

There’s a story behind every bottle and the California Wine Club’s ambition is to tell it.

The California Wine Club Review Process.

The California Wine Club offers over 6 different clubs memberships that represent your focus in exploring new types of wines. For example, you can choose between their premier series and receive small artisan wines or join the international club to entreat your palate to the entire world. 

Each monthly delivery comes with 2 to 4 bottles of red or white wine depending on your preferences.

Choose Your Wine Club Type.

The California Wine Club has a variety of wine club membership types to choose from. Each gives you a unique experience from a certain region or style of winery. All membership levels come with the same meticulous standards set by the founders.

Set Your Own Preferences.

You can choose to have all red wines or white wines delivered to your door. If you enjoy both then you may split the delivery. Each membership comes with the ability to ask for 2 to 4 new bottles of wine every month and can be customized to be delivered sooner.

Take Advantage Of Member Benefits.

A club member of The California Wine Club gains access to special member benefits like $1 refill delivery, wine selecting consultation, and further discounts other shoppers do not have access to. All wine selections are back by the "love it guarantee".

Every club member is entitled to tours of the very wineries in California they’re receiving wine from by appointment. The California Wine Club offers a complete experience that goes beyond your typical door delivery wines.

California Wine Club Premier Series

Premier Series.

The California Wine Clubs first series started back in the 1990s. Enjoy a rich variety of the best family owned wines from the heart of California. 

Signature Series.

The highest quality wines from California for an affluent palate. One of the most popular selections for gifting to friends or corporate events.

california wine club signature series
California wine club international series

International Series.

Reward yourself with a taste of the world. Each delivery includes wines from around the globe that are sourced from family owned wineries. 

What You Can Expect From The California Wine Club.

In this California Wine Club review, we have enjoyed the unique experienced offered by them. Most wine clubs just distribute well-known brands that add very little color to the canvas of life. The California Wine Club differs by bringing the best artisan wineries to your doorstep. 

It’s a unique club to belong to and the experience goes beyond the bottle. 

Value of The Club.

Each club membership type offers its own benefits and club costs. We have found that The California Wine Club is a great value for the artisan wines you will receive. It’s easy to spend $100 on two bottles of wine at your favorite grocery store. 

Club dues will not set you back any more than normal. 

You can find a club membership for under $100 or over $200 depending on the membership level you select. Each comes with the same guarantee and member benefits. 

When you balance the cost and benefits of the wine club with your brand name wines in the store we are confident you will agree that the value of a California Wine Club membership is noticeable. Besides, it’s fun to receive fresh wines on the monthly basis. 

Customer Service.

The California Wine Club works on a monthly club membership model and offers one of the best customer service experiences we’ve found to date. You can use standard email to contact them or give one of their wine specialists a call. 

Delivery is fast, affordable, and can be customized. 

The wine club offers a gifting option and their staff through the process understand how to deliver great wines without spoiling the surprise.