Micronutrients Supplements Based On Your Own DNA.

Start improving your quality of life today with a free 19-point algorithmic based test to determine what nutrients your body needs.

Rootine Review

Rootine is a micronutrient supplement brand built upon a foundation of 10 plus years of neutragenic science. Your body’s DNA is complex, and the lack of one essential component can cause your quality of life to decline. 

Rootine leverages your very own DNA, heredity traits, and a 19 point algorithmic test to granularly fill in the missing pieces of your health.

Traditional vitamins leave you in the dark…

What nutrients you do not need you may receive too much of and the nutrients you are deficient in are never replenished fully, leaving you feeling depleted.

Rootine offers a different solution.

They measure the nutrition levels in your blood and formulate a hyper-personalized blend of vitamins delivered in the form of slow-release microbeads. 

In our Rootine review you will learn how their micronutrients work and the key results of the founder’s passion for changing the way the public thinks about health.

"I am careful with what I put in my body. I appreciate Rootine's rigor around testing, nutrient sourcing, and laboratory credentials."

Nathan Sanders

Nashville, TN

"As a physician, I only support companies I would use myself. Rootine is giving me, my family, and my patients
a better life."

Dr. Gary Cook

Tampa, FL

"I can tell my energy is up and my body is better at handling daily stress, which is important as I run two businesses while completing my masters degree. "

Dr. Gary Cook

Tampa, FL

Slow release microbeads.

Nutrients based on DNA.

Algorithmic evaluation.

10+ years of data-science.

Natural ingredients.

3rd party lab tested.

The Foundation of Rootine.

We have provided this Rootine review to you because it is a unique solution towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Rootines story begins with its talented founders. 

The two being Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, Ph.D., and Rachel Sanders. Daniel is a leading geneticist who founded one of Europe’s premier genetics laboratories. 

Rachel earned her MBA at Harvard; they come from different backgrounds but both combined their passion for health. 

The result?

A data-proven proprietary nutrient supplement backed by a 400+ peer-reviewed study that gives the gift of life, but not just life, a quality life. 

The health-focused company was founded in 2018 and in such a short time Rootine has been noticed by Askmen, Healthline, Forbes, and other notable publications. 

Today the company is located in Nashville, Tennessee and continues to develop health centered products. 

The Rootine Process & You.

Rootine offers up to 18 individual nutrients that are research-proven to provide an extraordinary impact on your health. Each nutrient is delivered to you in a microbead formula that is released within your bloodstream over the course of six hours within one day.

The process to better health with Rootine starts with 3 personalized tests.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

Your first step is to take routines 19-point lifestyle quiz that is algorithmically powered to evaluate your current lifestyle and what nutrients are needed to improve it. ZIZIO provides its readers of this Rootine review a free evaluation which you can claim with the button below.

Analyze Genetic Markers

To get the most out of your routine experience we recommend submitting your DNA to be analyzed. The DNA test consists of evaluating 50 genetic traits and this determines which nutrients are best for you. If you already have DNA data, you can submit it with 100% privacy.

Blood Nutrient Examination

With your data, Rootine will also analyze your blood. This test will check your levels of B6, B9, B12, and D3 within your body. Both the DNA and blood test are necessary for a neutragenic approach to health. It’s the process of delivering exactly what your genome requires.

Track your health with Rootines intuitive customer dashboard and mobile app. each order contains a 90-day supply which is about how long it takes to feel the results. As your body changes you can submit that data to Rootine for free so that your nutritional supplements keep up with you.

For our readers that are more inclined to want to know the details of their science, you
can view their scientific white papers by clicking here


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The Rootine Difference, Microbreads.

First, let’s examine the key failures of legacy vitamins. 

One of the most important flaws within traditional pills is that they do not allow for the personalization of the nutrient doses that your body requires. Capsule-based brands understand the deficiency.

Their solution?
To provide their vitamins in a powder or liquid.

The issue with this option is that powders tend to separate over time which leaves all the nutrients towards the bottom and can cause dangerous overdosing.

Liquids rely on additives for flavor, those additives usually include substances that can raise glucose levels. Furthermore, powders and liquids contain some form of gluten. Vitamins should be delivered naturally to the person without dangerous additives.

Rootine Has solved this decade-long problem by introducing a proprietary microbead delivery system.

Unlike traditional capsules, microbeads offer dosing to the milligram or microgram level. Each micronutrient is delivered to your system granularly so that you received the exact dose of nutrients that your body requires without the added chemicals.

Microbeads are smart, they’re designed to release the nutrients you require throughout the day as your system needs them. This ensures that the vitamins are absorbed properly and are not wasted by overloading

your blood nutrient levels.

Each microbead is coded in sustainably farmed beeswax and pharmaceutical-grade cellulose.

What they do not contain is nonnutritive ingredients like anti-caking
agents and preservatives which are harmful to your overall health.

What You Can Expect From Rootine.

After an extensive evaluation of Rootine we are confident you will benefit from their 18 nutrients tailored to your own DNA’s requirements. Unlike legacy vitamins that give you too much of what you don’t need and not enough of what your body craves, we understand you are not a one size that fits all. 

Here’s a breakdown of our experience with Rootine…

Value of Rootine.

Rootine costs $69 per month with a 3-month commitment. As any supplement consumer would admit, a quality brand legacy vitamin can easily cost $50 for a one-month supply. Considering the data science behind microbeads we find that the starter price point is a bargain for what you receive.

The DNA and blood test together will put you back another 200 dollars.

It’s worth noting that you do not have to take those tests if you don’t want to, and you can easily transfer your DNA data from another company like to save on this upfront cost. The initial test to evaluate your lifestyle is free with this Rootine review. 

Customer Service

One of the most unique aspects of Rootine’s customer experience is their live chat where you can directly speak with founders at the company. The response is not always the fastest, but what other nutrient brand gives access to the very people who conceptualized the product?

We have found Rootine to be a brand dedicated to transparency.

You can cancel your subscription so that it does not rebill at any time. If you reach out to them by email you can also pause the delivery during your subscription if you should so choose. Rootine is all about personalization and this is seen throughout their brand’s culture.