Gain 87% More Energy & Reduce Back Pain With Maidesite Stand Up Desks.

Studies show stand up electric desk can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, increase energy levels by 87%, and stop office related back pain.

Maidesite Standing Desk Review

Maidesite standing desks are a premium line of office furniture ergonomically designed to optimize your workplace health. Each desk is designed with efficiency and circulation in mind. Whether you have a home office or 200 employees, this Maidesite Standing Desk review is for you.

Sitting, what has it really done to us as a society?

Obesity has skyrocketed, over 30% of Americans will experience diabetic complications, and heart disease is one of the greatest killers among biological women.

That is because the human body was not designed to sit for long-enduring hours at a desk starring at blue light-filled computer screens. A sedentary lifestyle is awaiting most of us as we pass through college on our way to a full career.

The truth is exercise isn’t enough to balance the scales.

An hour of working out today which is more than what most people do is certainly not enough cardio to offset years of sitting at a desk reducing your blood circulation.

Standing desk change that…

With Maidesite you can stand for a portion of your work session allowing your back to be straight limiting chronic posturing issues and allowed your blook to circulate. Each Maidesite desk is made from high-quality materials and with a flip of a switch it can be elevated or lowered.

In this Maidesite review we rave about the fact the desks come with memory built-in allowing you to program the heights that you like to work at throughout your day.

People who have switched to standing desks typically burn 4000+ calories more each month and reduce their back pain by 54%. Most people who work in an office have chronic back pain, but they don’t realize poor posturing is the genesis of their problems.

87% more energy.

Preset memory.

54% less back pain.

Reduced blood sugar.

Electronic lift.

Easy assembly.

Stand Up For Your Health.

Maidesite review readers for a limited time can get a promotional deal. Start living your best life and increase your energy at work by 87% while increasing your body’s circulation. 

Maidesite standup desk and office furniture company started with the belief that science does not lie and to live healthily is to study nature with the goal of replication. 

Humans should have never been subjected to being slouched over for hours sitting. 

Maidesite founders had the facts. Standing while working burned 4000 calories a month, provided 87% more energy to employees, decreased glucose by 43%, and helped alleviate back pain. Now the only thing that was needed is an affordable and high-quality line of desks. 

Since 2009 each desk is manufactured with precision in their 58,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory. 

The factory boasts a full-automatic cutting line, welding robots, an Integrated automatic spraying line, control box line, and other high-end equipment to manufacture top-notch quality standing desks with high consistency.

Today Maidesite provides standing freedom to 200,000+ customers in over 80 countries. 


How Maidesite Standing Desks Work.

Maidsites offers three different types of desks for all needs classified as standard, pro, and executive. Each model can be ordered based on height among other factors. Every standing desk by Maidesite is equipped with electric motors that effortlessly raise your ordered desk. 

Choose Your Desk Model.

For casual users you can pick up a standard desk. Pro desks are good for home offices and executive desks have unique design options. Each model still comes with a rock solid guarantee of quality workmanship.

Filter Your Selection By Height.

Maidesite has two types of desks for every model. A two-stage desk will raise high enough for someone under 6" and a three-stage desk will be of a height sufficient for customers who are over 6" tall.

Measure Your Desk Space.

Your desk can be purchased based on the available space your office has. Most models come in 48", 55", and 63" sizes. The executive edition can be bought with radial cut in bringing you closer to your work.

Any order over $50 qualifies Maidesite review readers with free shipping nationwide. 

Remember that you should be standing with correct posture when being measured for a standing desk and it helps if you have a friend or family member there to make the perfect measurements before ordering. Maidesite has fantastic support and can help you select your desk. 

Let’s take a closer look at their best selling model lines. 

standard standing desk

Standard Standing Desk

Maidesite’s entry-level stand-up desk gives you all of the health benefits of standing without the price tag. A great purchase for home users, entry-level employees, and high school students.

Pro Standing Desk

Rich wood-stained colors meet industrial metal that creates a foundation for your work. Can be ordered in all three sizes. The best desk for home office use or for a university dorm gift.

pro standing desk
executive standing desk

Executive Standing Desk

A perfect model for people who work from home full time or as an upgrade for employees that will be sure to raise morale. Can be ordered with a radial inset that adds value to the desk ergonomics. 

What You Can Expect From Maidesite.

At ZIZIO we understand what it means to sit at a desk for hours and we do it with joy bringing the best information to our readers. We’ve found in this Maidesite review that the company offers above industry standard stand-up desk. 

The science agrees with our conclusion that Maidesite is worth considering. 

Value of Maidesite.

Go to any office store in North America and you will see that a decent desk starts at around $200. Anything below that amount usually won’t last one year. 

Now let’s consider that Maidesite offers standing desks powered with a push of a button for the same amount.

If we add on the fact that shipping is free with orders over $50 (Almost all orders.) then we conclude that Maidesite’s standing desk is economically friendly for the quality received. The materials are strong enough to stand the test of time in a commercial office setting.

Customer Service.

Maidesite shines with their customer experience. Their shipping to your door is fast, usually free, and comes with tracking. If there are any issues with your order they’re quick to rectify the situation and if necessary replace your order until you are 100% satisfied. 

One point we were impressed with is that Maidesite offers a live chat for their customers.