All Natural Dog Food With 90% Less Carbs & 2X The Protein.

Dogs are family, Ketona helps you show your furry friends love by improving their health & life expectancy with science backed food that’s all natural.

ketona review

Ketona is a canine’s natural dog food offering science-backed kibble with 46% more protein and less than 5% carbohydrates in every bite your furry friend takes.

Here’s the truth big brands don’t want you to know.

Legally, big kibble is not required to state what is in their dog food. So, to cut corners they add starchy products which will raise the blood glucose of your pet.

Slowly these “natural” but deadly ingredients result in your dog developing diabetes or certain cancers.

Think about it…

Did dogs in the wild ever dig up sweet potatoes and eat them?

No. So then why are big brands putting those very unnatural foods in your kibble?

Ketona keto-friendly pet food recognized this immoral situation and for the love of dogs everywhere developed a rich blend of dog food made from chicken and fish meat.


"Buddy loves KetoNatural. He has bad allergies, but we could never seem to find a dog food he he actually liked, until we fed him KetoNatural."

Beverly E

Lexington, KY

Review of Ketona

"My dogs love the taste, were able to quickly transition with no digestive upset, and in 2 months, Sascha has lost 2 pounds. I really couldn't be happier."

Parent to Sascha and Kokonut

All natural dog food review

"My diabetic girl's blood sugar is way down and the other girl's hot spots are completely gone. All four dogs' coats are back to the Ketona Shine."

Proud parent of 4 healthy dogs

Optimizes glucose levels.

90% fewer carbs.

2X the animal protein.

Reduces body fat.

Diabetic friendly.

Absolutely delicious.

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Ketona's <3 For What's Right.

We were inspired to bring you this Ketona review learning in the process of the great
love the founder, Daniel Schulof, has for animals. 

Daniel, like so many of us, loves his dog Cody just like family. His passion brought him to live with a biologist from the Yellowstone wolf project while writing his groundbreaking book Dogs, Dog food, and Dogma. 

The Yellowstone wolf project overseas groundbreaking understandings of canines in the wild. 

For 25 years they have monitored these canines’ behavioral traits, genetic markers, common diseases, and most importantly the diet of wolf packs.

Daniel living with the Yellowstone wolf project team was in a unique position.

While writing his book for several years he was able to leverage all the data of how canines flourish when untouched by large corporations and acquire a keen science on canines from a biologist at Yellowstone National Park.

Publishing the leading book on canine health and living among biologists at Yellowstone combined with a deep passion for animals like his Rottweiler Cody, a 6-month journey was born. A collaboration with nutrition experts, organic farms, and top chefs all striving for the same end goal. 

The result?

Cody, Daniels lovable but mischievous Rottweiler was now eating Ketona. A pet food brand with all the nutritional benefits of a raw diet, but with the cost and convenience of standard kibble. Each bag of Ketona is sourced from sustainable local farms located in the United States and is delivered directly to your doorstep.

How The Ketona Experience Works.

Ketona offers two protein sources for canines; chicken and salmon. Both come with the same guarantee of low carbs and high protein content that is sustainably harvested from local farms in the USA. With their doorstep delivery subscription model your pet can experience an increase in quality of life for just $1.82 per day.

The journey to better canine health starts with a free evaluation of your best friend.

Evaluate Your Dogs Lifestyle.

Each dog is unique and should be treated as such. That is why Ketona reviews your dog's lifestyle profile to determine the appropriate protein and volume of food needed in a given month. Their unique algorithm focuses on breed, activity, age, and weight.

Choose A Recipe.

Ketona offers two flavor profiles dogs love. Their algorithm in the previous step determines the quantity you need, but you can adjust it manually. Salmon costs a little more than Chicken, but both are equally delicious. In this step, you will choose the volume of kibble and flavor for your dog.

Monitoring Adjustments.

Within Ketona's intuitive dashboard you can update your canines vitals to receive the best advice on the portion of food that is recommended for your pet's lifestyle. This is especially convenient for puppy owners where the dog's bodyweight increases drastically.

Once you fill out the canine evaluation and choose your protein selection you can subscribe for monthly deliveries that will cover your daily feeding routine. By subscribing you get the best possible price that is surprisingly cheaper than premium store-bought brands.

While writing this Ketona review they offer free delivery nationwide.

keto dog food

Salmon Protein.

Ketona’s top of the line product with the most protein and less fat. Deliciously infused with essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive.

Crude Protein (Min.): 46.0%
Crude Fat (Min.): 16.0%
Crude Fiber (Max.): 11.0%
Moisture (Max.): 10.0%
Dietary Starch (Max.): 5.0%
Sugar (Max.): 0.5%

Chicken Protein.

The most cost effective line up from Ketona. Delicious chicken flavor crafted together with vital nutrients your dog requires to live a healthy life.

Crude Protein (Min.): 48.0%
Crude Fat (Min.): 12.0%
Crude Fiber (Max.): 12.0%
Moisture (Max.): 11.0%
Dietary Starch (Max.): 6.0%
Sugar (Max.): 0.5%

diabetic friendly dog food
keto dog treats

Chicken Liver Treats.

All the rewards that a “good boy” deserves without the harmful side effects found in big brand treats. Made from 100% freeze dried chicken livers.

0% carbohydrates
52% protein
100% freeze-dried chicken livers.

What You Can Expect From Ketona.

As dog lovers ourselves, we found it informative to bring you this Ketona review. After evaluating the brand we can confidently recommend it to pet owners who love their dogs just like family and want only the best for them. Unlike big box store brands, Ketona is changing the way we think about pet health. 

No hidden ingredients, diabetes causing starches, or other harmful elements. 

Value of Ketona.

For a medium-sized canine, you are looking to spend $2 on average feeding your furry friend Ketona. A decent brand in a box store can put you back $50 whilst feeding your dog a bucket of starchy potatoes. Considering their delivery is fast, affordable, and on autopilot; we believe Ketona is a great fit for most dog owners. 

Ketona is not going to save you a lot of money, but what it will do is provide a healthy foundation for your dog for years to come at around the same price you’re already spending at the moment.

Besides, do you know what the CEO’s dog of a big brand is eating?

Of course not, but with Ketona you know wild-eyed Cody the rottweiler is being fed Ketona by the founder. When owners of brands use the brand themselves, it speaks well for the quality.

Customer Service.

Ketona works best on a subscription model with autopilot deliveries. You can cancel the subscription at any time without a hassle and they have a robust customer support detail within the client login. One of the perks of Ketona is the owner is highly knowledgeable and wrote the authoritative book on canine health.

That book can be downloaded to Kindle for free. 

Overall we are highly satisfied with our experience because within this Ketona review you can witness for yourself that the brand was started by dog lover, for dog lovers.