Hydrow Review

Immersive Fitness Experience That Targets 86% Of Your Muscle Groups.

Hydrow is a gateway workout enchanting its users to the world’s waterways by rethinking the concept of rowing. Strengthen 86% of your body, get access to over 2000+ workouts, and thanks to their patented resistance mechanism, feel like you are on the water.

Hydrow Review

Hydrow is a re-engineered rowing machine designed to give you a full-body workout with an immersive rowing experience. Recognizing the incredible health benefits of rowing, Hydrow set out to package that rewarding experience in your very home.

Traditional workouts are a game of solitaire with sweat.

There’s nothing fun about tiring yourself out in a room staring at walls. What if you could explore the world’s greatest waterways and work out most of your muscle groups without joint-killing weights?

That’s where Hydrow comes in…

Each unit comes with a 22-inch touchscreen display with award-winning front-facing speakers that allow you to choose your challenging river and bring that scenic experience into your home as you work out.

Their patented drag mechanism is electromagnetic and computer-controlled.

In our Hydrow review, we noticed their distinct components made working out silent which is important for families on different schedules. Let’s be honest, in our modern world we need to be able to work out without disturbing other family members.

When you are done with your sweat sessions you can simply roll the unit away and tilt it in an upright position. Hydrow was designed from the ground up to give you a workout without compromising your floor space like traditional workout equipment tends to do.

"Amazing product! Great total body workout, challenging classes and easy-to-use interface. Highly recommended!"


"Ordering was easy, delivery was easy, set up was easy. I'm 41 and recovering from a foot and ankle injury. Rowing has been a great way for me to get back to a workout routine, without a bunch of pain.


"I did 15 years in the military with special forces, and 12 years following that looking for a decent workout.

My Hydrow rowing time is, by far, the single best workout experience I’ve ever had."


Full body workout.

Free shipping.

30 day workout trial.

22" touch screen.

Work out coaching.

Community focused.

Where Will You Hydrow?

Traditional work outs can leave you feeling burnt out quickly. Hydrow gives you the power of exploration as you sweat out those carbs. Hydrow review readers can take advantage of an exclusive offer.

Not all movement is created equal.

The founder of Hydrow, Bruce, understands that better than anyone. Bruce’s passion is for rowing and was a professional coach of the U.S National Team. His very ancestry was known for making shell boats.

So, it comes as no surprise whatsoever Bruce brought his passion into homes across the world.

Weights, treadmills, and traditional workout regimens stress your joints and cause hard stops. The founder understood this and since his background was in professional rowing, he devised a plan to bring a new experience to the health and fitness vertical.

It’s all about the “sway” Bruce remarks.

Hydrow was developed from the ground up to provide a rich experience of rowing in a convenient stowaway piece of equipment. Only by rowing can you connect as a team with your coach which
is displayed on an advanced 22” touch screen.

It shouldn’t be called a machine at all. Rather, this is a human experience where you can meet like-minded people and travel the world through scenic waterways. The connection makes it more than your typical workout session.

The Complete Hydrow Experience.

Hydrow offers a piece of equipment with patented technology to give you the feeling of being out on the water rowing away unto your next adventure, but with that package comes the community and coaching available. It’s important in this Hydrow review that we express the full lifestyle offered by the brand. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Hydrow has to offer their teammates. 

Professional Coaching & Motivation.

Tap into a rich digital experience with your 22" touchscreen display where you will find countless coaching sessions motivation you to row into great health. Each program is set for the difficulty level you prefer and gives you a sense of being outdoors.

Low Impact & Ergonomic Design.

The Hydrow machine comes with a 10-roller system seat that’s ergonomically designed to give you a low-impact workout. It's perfect for people who suffer from joint pain and you can start rowing without bothering people in your house considering it's virtually silent.

Track Your Progress Together.

Join a community of like-minded people who want to get into shape or advance to the next level of health. You can track your vitals all within the Hydrow experience and work toward new goals while making friendships along the way.

Each experience is delivered for free and comes with a 30-day guarantee. We find that the ability to store Hydrow upright to be one of the greatest features. With one finger you can simply roll it wherever you want and stand it up to reclaim floor space. No other piece of equipment we’ve reviewed can offer this. 

Hydrow Rower

Hydrow Rower.

Everything you need to get started rowing for the best possible price. It still comes with the 22″ touchscreen and same quality seat.


Hydrow Rower Starter

All that you love with the original Hydrow but with an advanced vitals monitor and above standard wireless headphones to tap into the nature around you.

Hydrow, Machine Mat, Polar Verity Sense Heart Rate Monitor, Jaybird Vista Wireless Headphones

Hydrow Starter Package
Hydrow Pro Package

Hydrow Rower Pro

Next level rowing you have come to love packaged with a nonslip machine mat and all the accessories you need for a full-body workout session. 

Hydrow, Machine Mat, Polar Verity Sense Heart Rate Monitor, Jaybird Vista Wireless Headphones, Workout Mat, Yoga Blocks, Foam Roller, and Resistance Bands

What You Can Expect From Hydrow.

In this Hydrow review, we have evaluated several points of consumer interest to give you a better understanding of the brand. First of all, we find that the Hydrow experience is unique since it offers an immersive outdoor experience in the comfort of your living room. 

Their patented technology is second to none in providing a lifelike rowing experience. Here’s a further breakdown of what you can expect from Hydrow.

Value of Hydrow.

Hydrow is for people of all shapes and experience levels. Whether you are an experienced athlete or beginner, Hydrow has a waterway for you. The price isn’t “cheap” but you get what you pay for. Compared to premium treadmills the startup cost is comparative, but the experience is far greater. 

There’s additional monthly cost if you want to access more coaching, but it’s not required. 

One of the greatest values of Hydrow is the community of people you meet on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. It’s truly one of the most unique workout systems we have reviewed to date. Joining Hydrow is like becoming a part of your very own row team. 

Each community member motivates the next. 

Customer Service.

Hydrow offers full support for their product with a quality guarantee and a 30-day trial run. You can start rowing for 30-days to see if it’s right for you. Each machine is delivered to your door for free and returns
do not cost you anything. 

One amazing feature of Hydrow is their live chat. 

Very few health and fitness brands offer a live chat that is ready to answer your presales and post sales questions. We have found this to be an amazing feature in our Hydrow review.