Temp Controlled Mattresses Made In The USA. 120 Day Sleep Trial.

Custom crafted mattresses for your sleep preferences. Made with care in Phoenix, AZ and shipped to your door with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

brooklyn bedding review

Brooklyn bedding is an elite manufacturer of custom-crafted mattresses made exclusively in Phoenix, AZ.

They were the first to pioneer “bedding in a box”. That term simply means they have the capacity to craft the perfect mattress for you and deliver it to your door.

The truth is, over 1/3rd of your life is spent laying on a mattress.

We as humans strive to make life comfortable in every aspect. For example, we consider the ergonomic attributes of our cars. However, we spend more time on our mattresses.

So then, it would only make sense to invest in a good night’s rest. In this Brooklyn Bedding review, we will cover the proprietary science developed by their team to uplift your quality of life and the value Brooklyn Bedding brings to the bedroom.

Think about it…

Your career, passions, and life’s most cherished adventures all start upon a single item, your mattress. Where you lay your head is the genesis of a good life.

The best part is you don’t even need to be sure. With this Brooklyn Bedding review, you can secure a 120-day risk-free trial. Sleep on the bed like normal and if you are not happy on the 119th day, switch it out or return it without any hassle.

"OMG. Its a great mattress. I just purchased a very nice Mattress for my home and this one has definitely out done my home mattress! Love this on and have great nights sleep.
Its not too heavy for my slide out at all!
You can turn it in with out disturbing the partner!"

Tim H.

"This is our second BB mattress and we love it. We upgraded from a Queen to a King and will forever be BB believers!"

Melissa P.

"I love it great support and stays cool all night. Since the first day I have not had any problems. Especially the lack of pressure point issues."

Undra T.

120-day sleep trial.


10 year warranty.

Temperature controlled.

Custom stiffness.

Ships to your door.

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Brooklyn Bedding's History.

A used bread truck, phone the size of a brick, and a passion to deliver a good night’s sleep.

Humble beginnings for one of the most well-loved mattress companies that proudly manufactures in the United States. It all started with two brothers: John and Rob Merwin in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Here’s a little industry secret big mattress companies don’t want you to know.

Until Brooklyn Bedding came on the scene most mattresses were manufactured solely in China disregarding environmental concerns and then shipped overseas.

During this time, it was a one size fits all approach. Mattresses were bulky which added to the consumers’ cost in shipping the product. Back in those days, you had to visit a store and there weren’t any guarantees once you bought the mattress.

John and Rob Merwin were not happy with what became an industry standard.

After opening a couple of stores for themselves in the Phoenix area they decided to investigate the factories in the pursuit of building the best sleep experience possible for their customers.

What was the result of this experiment?

The brother’s ambition for a quality night’s sleep brought them thousands of miles away to China. It was in China they first saw people hand-rolling mattresses and they were able to inspect the quality of the materials so many big brands used to make their beddings.

With this unique information in hand, it felt right for the brothers to open a factory in the very community that enjoyed their mattresses is in the first place. An idea was born to find a way to automate the manual process of rolling beds for shipment.

The pursuit turned them to Italy. That’s where they found a machine that rolled mattresses.

Now for the first time on American soil, a mattress manufacturer implemented science-backed materials of the utmost quality and could package a rich sleep experience in a box.

Brooklyn Bedding was born.

Named after one of the brother’s very own children. Named after a cherished family member, manufactured in the homeland, and delivered for families. Today you can find Brooklyn Bedding still crafting a good night’s sleep in Phoenix, Arizona, and shipping the experience nationwide.

How To Choose Your Mattress With Brooklyn Bedding.

In this Brooklyn Bedding review we have analyzed 6 mattresses Brooklyn Bedding sells. The majority of these 6 mattresses are hybrids. A hybrid mattress utilizes both coils and memory foam at one time. Each persons lifestyle is unique and for this reason Brooklyn Bedding offers a variety of solutions. 

Here’s the best way to select your custom sleep experience.

Talk To A Sleep Specialist.

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the only mattress brands that offer bedding specialist who have the experience to help you choose from their premier line of 6 different mattresses. They evaluate your requirements and assist you in making the right purchase.

Unbox Your New Mattress.

Each crafted mattress is shipped with care to your door. All you have to do is move the box into your bedroom, open it, and roll the mattress out. It will automatically inflate to its uncompressed size and every mattress is ready to sleep on out of the box.

120 Day Sleep Guarantee.

Brooklyn Bedding allows you to sleep on the bed you purchased for up to 120 days to know for sure you are satisfied with your choice. If you need any adjustments they offer free returns where you can swap out your model with another mattress.

Each part of the process is designed to give you a personalized approach to selecting a mattress that is right for you. Additionally, you can choose to add on essential bedding accessories made with the same passion from Brooklyn Bedding that completes your sleep experience. 

Let’s take a look at the three most popular Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. 

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid.

The most popular “best mattress ever” model for Brooklyn Bedding. Made with Ascension® coils and patented hyper-responsive foam that is engineered to stay cool. 

Soft / Medium / Firm Options
Free Shipping & Returns

Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid.

A mattress that combines Far Infrared Ray (FAR) tech with patented TitanCool™ material to help the body recover with its own energy.

Soft / Medium / Firm Options
Free Shipping & Returns

sedona brooklyn bedding

Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid

Resort quality mattress with handcrafted woven fabrics designed to pull heat away from body. The elite Brooklyn Bedding mattress for the ultimate nights sleep.

Soft / Medium / Firm Options
Free Shipping & Returns

What You Can Expect From Brooklyn Bedding.

In this Brooklyn Bedding review, we have had the pleasure to discover that the founders are families who have a passion for designing patented technology to enhance the sleep of families just like theirs. They pioneered the “bed in a box” experience and offer one of the best guarantees in the industry. 

Brooklyn Bedding is for people who know a good night’s sleep is the start of a great day and expect the very best.

Value of Brooklyn Bedding.

In our Brooklyn Bedding review, we have found that the price point for the quality offered is outstanding. Most big box store brand mattresses can cost you well over $1000, but with Brooklyn Bedding you will pay less than that on most of their mattress models. 

With added perks like free delivery, no-hassle returns, and doorstep service; Brooklyn Bedding is raising the bar. 

They’re more than just a mattress company with exceptional delivery. For years they have invested in top research & development to create patented technology like TitanCool™ foam that is designed to keep your body comfortably in a state of cool bliss while you the sleep you need for the next day.

Customer Service.

Brooklyn Bedding excels in customer service by first offering world-class support in choosing a mattress that is right for you. They accomplish this by offering sleep specialists ready to chat about your sleep patterns and history. Because they make their mattresses in the USA you can expect great customer service. 

With every purchase, you get a 120-day trial to make sure you love your choice. 

At any time within that 120 days, you can return your mattress for another option. It’s risk-free and they do not hassle you in the process. Delivery is free right to your door along with free returns on all items sold by Brooklyn Bedding. You cannot get better support than that!

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